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White Nights Festival 2022 Saint Petersburg, Russia

During the period of the White Nights Festival from June to July in Saint Petersburg, the sun noway sets and the megacity noway sleeps. Russia’s artistic capital brims with life when its occupants enjoy the mesmerising twilight of the night sun with classical music, pieces, ballet and theatre performances as well as cotillion partiesroad musicales, fireworks and the spectacular Scarlet Sails event marking the peak of the jubilee.

The beautiful thoroughfaresconduits and islands of Saint Petersburg come indeed more lyrical during this period thanks to the megacity’s status as the world’s most northerly located megalopolis of over a million occupants. During a good two months the sun hardly sinks below the horizonboxing Saint Petersburg every night into a magical tinge. For art suckers and night owls likewise, this is by far the stylish time of the time to visit this former Russian capital and enjoy its numerous artistic treasures.

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what is the White Nights competition 2022 in Saint Petersburg

With a astonishing cultural history this is hardly ever equaled, this ancient city of tsars is popular in the course of the complete year. but, a visit for the duration of the White Nights competition really offers added price while Saint Petersburg’s inhabitants as well as site visitors take to the streets at night time to “гулять” (on foot aimlessly) and experience the splendid perspectives. The darkened sky is graced by a impressive arc of light with a colour pallet spanning from white to crimson, making for a completely unique and surreal enjoy.
The White Nights pageant 2022, which goes lower back to 1993, sees masses of activities taking location all over the metropolis – specially within the theatres at the same time as the sector-well-known Hermitage Museum remains open longer than standard. The Bolshoi Theatre hosts famed Russian ballet performances at the same time as the Marinkie Theatre is the location to be each night for classical music and also acts because the festival’s host.

Especially popular is strolling along the River Neva at night when, after a dark and long winter, the time has now come to be outdoors and enjoy the stunning views. The traditional raising of the drawbridges over the river Neva also makes for spectacular viewing to a background of fireworks and music. The White Nights Festival is therefore one of the best times to visit this remarkable city as its cultural life bursts at the seams and a little concert or play seems to be taking place at the corner of every street till late at night. Needless to say, this is also an ideal time for photography.


The Scarlet Sails for the duration of the White Nights competition Saint Petersburg

The maximum popular spotlight of the White Nights pageant is a every year occasion known as Scarlet Sails or Алые Паруса in Russian. It celebrates the excessive faculty graduates of Saint Petersburg and marks the reliable starting of the summer holidays. After the many open-air live shows have ended, a surprising display takes vicinity at the river Neva with its climax the arrival of a extraordinary scarlet-draped crusing ship.


The Scarlet Sails during the White Nights Festival Saint Petersbur

The most popular highlight of the White Nights Festival is a yearly event called Scarlet Sails
or Алые Паруса in Russian. It celebrates the high academe graduates of Saint Petersburg and
marks the sanctioned morning of the summer leaves. After the multitudinous open– air musicales
have ended, a spectacular show takes place on the sluice Neva with its climax the appearance
of a magnific scarlet- draped sailing boat.



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